JaySkinz Racing Graphics and Skins was founded in 2013 when I saw a demand for high quality textures and liveries (paints, skins… whatever you want to call them) in the sim racing community at an affordable price.  Although there are a few contributors that will provide a good product for free, the majority of that work being done  lacks the luster many racers are looking for.  On the other hand, many artists are taking advantage of racers by charging ridiculous amounts of money for a small amount of work.

I’ve been drawing textures for both iRacing and rFactor for 5 years, including several track and vehicle textures for the Boz Sprint Cars, UDSRA ASCS 360 Sprint Cars, SPR PowrI Midgets, and several vehicle textures for iRacing. My focus has been primarily in oval racing; however, I’m highly capable of producing the same quality products across the entire sim motorsports spectrum. I take pride in accurately depicting real-world race cars with great attention to detail, pin-point precision and accuracy, smooth lines, and color matching that brings race cars made of aluminum and composites to electronic life. I guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and support the customer’s needs long after their initial purchase by offering no-hassle color adjustments, sponsor changes, and various other tweaks a customer may need… most times, at no extra cost! Although my prices may be slightly on the high-end of the spectrum compared to a few others , I believe the quality of my work and my commitment to the customer speaks for itself in justifying the extra cost.

Jason Brown

iRacing member JasonBrown5